About Us

What’s your definition of the good life?

Hey guys! Josh & Terrin here. We are the owners and co-founders of Cigar & The Good Life. We have been best friends for almost 20 years! Josh works in private security for high-end clientele like Dr.J & representatives for the United Nations and Terrin is a full-time student at Columbia University in NYC & is an Army Veteran, having served in Afghanistan. We are a lifestyle branding company that takes opulent companies—both prominent cigar and men’s lifestyle enterprises—and make them even better! 

Don’t you miss the times when men were refined men, the Frank Sinatra Era, where on a Friday night men got dressed to the nine’s for places like the Copa Cabana & The Waldorf Astoria? Well, we would like to bring back those kinds of moments and experiences, and truly cover all the finest and luxurious things life has to offer!

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